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Temperance Gell School


Thought to still be in use as a school. This school-house was built by Mrs Temperance GELL, of Hopton, spinster, or by her Trustees, under her Will, dated 21st March 1722, and proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury, 1730, whereby she gave 220 pounds to Sir Nathaniel CURZON, the possessor of Hopton hall, and to Mr Samuel HUTCHINSON, to be laid out in land, for a schoolmistress to teach poor children of Hopton and Carsington, trustees for the time being, of whom the possessor of Hopton hall is always to be one, to have power to choose and displace the mistress, and choose the children.

By a codicil, dated 28th September 1728, she devised a house and land to the said trustees, which she had lately purchased, and 200 pounds to build a school-house and habitation for the mistress; who is to teach 20 poor boys and girls of the poorer inhabitants of Hopton and Carsington; and if not a sufficient number in those two places, then from Middleton by Wirksworth - the children to be 5 years old - the mistress to be unmarried, without children, a protestant, and to have 10 pounds a year.

This legacy, and 50 pounds left by Samuel BENDALL, Will dated 1727, was laid out in a farm at Ockbrook, now consisting of 52ac 2r 28p, with a barn, occupied by John WALKER, at 80 pounds a year.

The trust has never been renewed. Mr GELL being at present sole trustee, choosing mistress and children, who are taught and clothed once a year, at the expense of about 40 pounds a year. The mistress receives a salary of 14 pounds, 14 shillings a year, and 5 pounds yearly for coals.

The Commissioners are of opinion that the surplus income ought to be applied in extending the benefits of the charity to a larger number of children; and that new trustees should be appointed. While the endowment was originally for 20 poor children, scholars later paid 2d. per week, which however includes some school necessaries. The endowment arises from rent of land & averages between £75 & £85 yearly.




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